Wavy Lines Vases

These deliciously drippy line vases are handmade from porcelain and have a gorgeous texture that feels great to hold and adds wonderful detail to any room. The lines give a distinct contemporary yet handmade feel. They are finished in a high gloss white glaze. Every one is unique, never perfectly round. Comes in three sizes that make great groupings for large tables or buy a single for the kitchen, fireplace mantle or side table. Because they are handmade and the nature of porcelain, sizes will vary a bit from piece. The small is about 3 x 3 in diameter and 7 inches tall. The medium is about 3.5 inches in diameter and 7.5 inches tall and the large is about 4 inches in diameter and 8 inches tall.
Made in United States of America

"MA 6.25% sales tax included in the price listed."



Additional Information

Prices with Sales tax included:
Small (3 x 3 in.): $96
Medium (3.5 x 7 in) $128
Large ( 4 x 8 in): $159

Wavy line vase