Cathy Kert staging


Welcome To CKI Staging

Home Staging Will Set Your House Apart From The Competition.

Cathy and Amy will come to your property, walk through the entire space, then go back through, taking photographs, notes and measurements.  CKI will then create a specific report of suggestions for each room and email it back to you within one week.  This proposal will suggest things you can do yourself and also include a quote for CKI to complete the suggestions.  You are in charge and you will have a step by step plan to move forward with, as it suits you and your family.

Home Staging

Light Staging

Initial consultation, report and hourly services available to declutter, reorganize & repurpose your things to show your home in its best light for your buyer


Full Staging

CKI will furnish and accessorize your empty property to showcase its true potential


3D Staging

CKI will create floorplans and 3D renderings to show your buyer what their newly renovated kitchen or bathroom could be…without the hassle or expense of going through renovations prior to sale